Thank you for showing interest in this website.

I have started crosswords website in 2011. In Lithuanian language only. In 2014 I have shut down the website. I didn’t have time to keep it up to date, so decided to choose easy way out and pull out the plug. At that point website had 1000 people solving crosswords. I always wondered: if I made website in English language, would it have 10.000 members?

Original website had 5 different types of words crosswords, 3 different types numbers crosswords like sudoku, pictograms, it also had a few games like hangman. And, of course, the most important feature – tools for making crosswords for everyone.

2021-11-15 I have launched English version of website. It’s time to find out, how many people around the world are interested in crosswords. I decided to focus on word crossword only, so no sudoku. Sorry.

I had to redo all fronted/design. Let’s be fair: it’s not perfect. I just want to make it functional and improve it as I go. However, the story of backend is much more interesting. It’s mostly the same code as in the original website. I know, it sounds crazy, ten year old (or so) code, but it works!

If you have any questions or suggestions drop me a message ritas@nepo.lt